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Organic linden flowers
For more than fifty years we have imported the best-quality linden flowers of the Carpentras variety (known as Carpentras after the area below Mont-Ventoux in Haute Provence).
After switching our activities to organic products more than ten years ago, we have sourced the generically identical product from the Drôme to the north, where our partner of many years successfully carries out organic growing and the collection of wild plants. In the meantime some valleys have even been certified as organic production areas, where the collection of wild plants is also permitted, and from which we obtain our products.
Within a very short permissible period of time, a very few families, some of which represent several generations, pick the attractive flowers of trees that have grown on their organic farms (up to 1200 metres above sea level) for generations.

This short window of time for picking is necessary in order to collect the inflorescences at the high point of development, but before the fruit buds have formed. This ensures that the linden flowers is gathered at the stage when a tea made from it will possess its typically fine and delicate aroma.
The freshly picked flowers are immediately separated carefully by hand from any remaining traces of leaves or twigs, and finally laid out to dry in specially airy spaces. Then the linden flowers are meticulously packed for despatch in our specially designed cardboard boxes.
In spite of the organic basis of the whole operation, to satisfy the strict requirements each individual tree has to be classified and supervised.
Once again, before the final apportionment in retail packs, the linden flowers are thoroughly sorted manually by our experienced staff.
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